Life Changes Made Easy

Hi and welcome to my website I am Hannah Bell the Owner and Director of Hannah Bell Clarity, I am an experienced Personal and Organisational Change Consultant who specialises in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy)


We all know that our brains are a fantastic piece of sophisticated equipment, but sadly they don't come with instructions or a handy user manual.So as we go through life we have to learn to use our brain in the best way possible and I can help you with that.


My job and my vocation is to give you the tools to become unstuck, whether it be in your relationships, your financial situation or your career. Is stress or anxiety, fear or phobia or any other issue in your life preventing you from living it fully.


Now imagine having the powerful skills needed to allow you to become the best version of you.


This version of you would easily overcome fears, phobias and issues that have previously held you back from living the life you truly deserve.

Are you feeling stuck?...

Imagine having the tools, skills and ability to easily understand yourself and others. The truth is, there is no greater feeling than being in control of your mind, your emotions and your life.

A sense of freedom, confidence and the self-belief to go out there and do whatever you want to do, to create purpose and joy in your life.

If you are reading this it’s very possible you've just taken the first steps towards achieving a new and improved version of you.

If the answer is yes then read on...

Do you often feel that there must be more to life?

Maybe ask yourself... do you want change? are your fears and phobias currently holding you back in your life and career? Or do you have a health issue which is limiting your enjoyment in life? Whatever change you are looking for its possible for you if you are truly ready.

The thought of change may be frightening as you are growing your comfort zone but not as scary as staying stuck in a life which is unfulfilled.

Change Sessions

My Change Sessions are unique to each individual and what they want to achieve, you may want to remove an unhelpful fear or phobia which has held you back in the past.

You may have experienced an event which you feel is now holding you back, whatever it is I can guide you to the life you truly desire. I generally work with clients for only one session and enjoy keeping in touch afterwards as its great to hear how you are using your new tools for success.

My early career led me to the North of England from South Yorkshire where I spent a number of years working with young people in a residential school. I specialised in Drama as a personal development tool and loved every minute. I had studied NLP for many years and from the start I kept thinking how great it would be if I had known about this as a teenager, not to mention how it could have benefited the young people who helped to teach me that investing in others can really change lives for the better.

I have recently retired from Durham Constabulary where I had the privilege of leading a cultural change programme where our people were at the heart. I am in no doubt that my final position as a Detective Sergeant responsible for Leadership gave me the insight as to what can be achieved by becoming self-aware and truly understanding how we can make the brain work for us.

I can't change the past but I can change the future for others. I provide sessions to individuals, teams and organisations both within the Public, Voluntary and Private Sector, this includes, Rolls Royce, College of Policing, Bespoke Financial Service, Schools and Multi- Agency teams.

I am the founder of the Bounce Resilience Academy a life-changing project for young people. My most recent collaboration being with Durham Police and County Durham and Darlington’s Children and Young Peoples Service. I remain passionate about policing and still enjoy designing and delivering leadership and cultural change programmes with Police Forces around the country.

I live with Chris my husband and our teenage daughter Alfreya. There is never a dull moment in our house as we have three miniature dachshunds that are full of mischief and adventure. I started to write a book about their adventures last year and I don't think I will ever finish it as every day brings yet another chapter.

The Bounce Resilience Academy is personal heart project and a piece of work I am very proud of . Bounce can be made bespoke for young people and adults, it is a combination of cutting edge change work with collaboration from experts in Equine Therapy. My most recent project was written for Durham Constabulary with young people aged 11-17 who had not experienced the easiest start in life.

The purpose was  to provide them with the tools to understand what makes them and others tick, whilst building resilience and the ability to manage change and thrive from challenges.

A combination of consultant led workshops with the selected young people utilising activities, drama and immersive-based learning, themed around a specific area to meet the client’s and students’ needs.

These will include themed resilience workshops covering:

Making sense of experience

Constructive self-talk

Confidence and trust

Problem solving approaches


Challenging unhelpful perceptions of self

Reflective journaling

Leading a life to your true potential

Healthy relationships and positive choices