Do you have a team or are you in a team that have forgotten why they do the job that they do? Are they exhausted with the constant challenges they face? Or are they maybe a team that need to communicate and understand each other better?

Ask yourself when were you or they in a room together without the telephone ringing or a constant pinging of emails? Would you find a team event where the space was created to really discover what makes everyone tick helpful? Where understanding how our brain works will directly result in an increase in productivity and performance whilst raising morale and the feeling of team.

My skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and the Cafe Style Concierge, responsible for the North East, enable me to offer a bespoke team event which is written just for you and your team. My experience of leadership at all levels of NLP and Neuroscience will enhance rapport building, goal setting and communication skills,  they have immediate application in business, but we need to start with teams.

It is proven that business performance improves as a result of this application NLP and Neuroscience provides specific skills to deal with individuals who have a different perception of the world. It can help you improve your relationships with your Leaders, peers, customers, and new prospects whilst, supporting you in crossing over the cultural divide. Many consultants and business leaders have embraced the innovative and creative aspects of NLP to gain inspiration for team building, strategic planning, total quality management and organisational development.

An aspect of NLP called modelling is used in sales training. Public speaking and presentation skills have also become integral to the corporate world. NLP language patterns, goal setting and techniques for self management are also vital for peak performance and effective speaking. It could be called self-coaching leadership as my team events put your people at the heart  so they have the tools to continue the learning for many years to come.

The performance of a business is dependent on how its people perform. If a business is to grow its people have to grow. Here growing means moving away from your comfort zone but the fear that you will fail and other limiting beliefs often hinder this.

Through my team events a fun environment is created to help people step out of their comfort zone and to discover the resources and strengths they did not believe they had. There are also several benefits to business, teams will perform better because they are happier, staff retention will improve which means that you will retain your talented people and there will be fewer misunderstandings and customer satisfaction will increase.

In today’s competitive environment neuroscience will give you the competitive edge that you desire to succeed. Teams need values and a mission bringing to life where your people know their true destination and genuinely feel compelled to get there. My bespoke team events are guaranteed to lift morale, innovate and get you ready to adapt to change with agility.