This is a poem written by a lovely Client , this is her personal experience of a Change Session with me.

Clarity Calls

Life throws us dogeballs
    Some good and some bad
    Hold onto the ride , dear 
    It's about to get mad 

    Your full of emotion 
    Your lost at sea
    You look in the mirror 
    You don't recognise me

    You plummet you fall 
    You trip and you drop 
    Where does this end and
    When does it stop

    Look far to the left, what you've left behind 
    Look far to the right for things you've declined
    Don't look behind you 
    Its there for a reason 
    Re living the past 
    Its a crime worse than Treason

    Seek help from the Wizard
    She'll show you her way 
    With the warmth of her heart 
    Her soul won't betray

    She'll guide you so gently
    You won't even know
    She's drawn you a pathway
    She opened a door

    Just take a step 
    Just peep inside 
    Before you know it 
    Your step is a stride

    The pathway is simple
    The pathways a gift
    Its liken to magic
    Your soul will it lift 

    You now have an anchor
    To protect and preserve
    The dodgeball keep coming 
    but wow how you swerve

    Now go and be happy 
    Like roots of a tree
    Look in that mirror 
    God yes that is ME