NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) NLP can be described in many ways, some of which are confusing. I like to think of it as having our own guide as to how to use your understand and get the best out of your brain. Discovering the tools and techniques during a one to one session or as a group can seem like something has clicked as you quickly discover ways to remove unhelpful behaviours and work towards getting what you want out of life.

At school and college we learned wonderful things like History, Geography and Algebra, but we did not learn much about how to feel good or to have great relationships. Learning about NLP is like someone has finally written down a common sense approach to change.

This is why I became curious about NLP as its a practical down to earth way to become “unstuck” and live a fulfilled and enjoyable life.


What does Neuro Linguistic Programming actually mean?

The phrase Neuro Linguistic Programming actually describes the subject matter. It can be often confusing as it is something very different to traditional methods of change work.

Neuro - The unique way we organise the information we receive via our neurology about our experience of the world and how this influences our physiology and behaviour.

Linguistic - How we express our experience to ourselves and others via the language we use and how our language affects our behaviour and feelings.

Programming - How habitual, often unconscious, patterns of thoughts and feelings developed through our life can affect our behaviour in the present, and how these patterns can be changed so that we overcome our fears, phobias and unhelpful behaviours.